Weaver - Carol Irving
I am Carol Irving a Fiber Artist, weaving large rugs and wall hangings. Initially, the yarn speaks to me. I lean in and listen. My current designs, are drawn from symmetrical and geometric shapes, using bold colors or just dark and light yarns to express my vision. B&W is a series I have been working on for many years, it keeps calling to me to explore new ground.

Weaving, using the interlacement of yarns, gives me an outlet to express myself that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere. My work is about ornament and texture, skilled labor, timeless beauty, and the inner spirit made visible.
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Weaver - Louise Smith
Art is all around us, it should be all around us. Functional art such as table linens, rugs, blankets, the clothes we wear, should all be pleasing to the eye and lift our spirits.
The whole process of choosing patterns, designing new ones, putting colours together, dressing the loom, actually weaving, finishing the woven item, all of these processes I love.
I believe everyone who uses the pieces I weave, shares this love of functional art.
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